Project in Review

A Post-Mortem on my Project365 was posted on my blog today.  Check it out HERE


Day #366

(YES I KNOW… it says EVERYWHERE that it’s called Project365… Its not MY fault 2012 was a leap year)

Anyways, Crystal and I rang in 2013 in spectacular fashion with Jessica (who Crystal went to University with) and her new fiance Jeremy.  They invited us along on what turned out to be my best New Years Eve to date.  We (unfortunately) began a bit late, as we screwed up on the times, but nonetheless once we made it to J&J’s apartment, we had a few appetizers, hors d’oeuvre if you prefer, and some fun conversation about wedding planning, etc. and bundled up for a trip to “The Falls”.  It still surprises me how often everyone from this area of Ontario refers to “The Falls” as a city, or a place, but not the massive waterfall that it is named after.  I guess, coming from Michigan, we do the same thing, but the tourist-traps that we take for granted are just on a smaller scale than one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  Anyways, after hanging out at ET Canada’s Concert pavilion for the opening act and most of the following set by the house DJ, we headed out for The Keg steakhouse overlooking the falls.  After an incredible meal, we made a last-minute decision to head back towards the concert and watch the countdown and fireworks from the hillside overlooking the concert with the falls in the distance.  That’s today’s photo of the day… just before the fireworks erupted from the Skylon Tower directly over our heads.  oops.  Anyways, an incredible end to an AMAZING YEAR.  More of a recap to come in the next few days, but for now… it’s 2013 and I am going to ENJOY IT.

(thanks to Jess for snapping the kissing fireworks photo on my iPhone)

Day #365

Today was spent driving.  St. Clair Shores, MI to St. Catharines, Ontario… In a 16′ Penske rental truck… and all went without fail.  Crystal and I got across the border without even a question of what exactly is in the truck, and we got it parked safely… and after a near-miss with a speeding pickup truck in the snow, the car-dolly made it safely onto the snow covered grass, and we were off to NOT drive again for a bit.  Atleast I was.  The whole 55mph (90km/h) thing with no cruise control in winter boots really got me ready for a Canadian lager.  Today’s photo (for safety reasons) was taken by my lovely and amazing wife, Crystal… on her iPhone.  🙂

Day #364

Today I was, thankfully, feeling much better…  After some morning packing (and inventory-ing for the borders that we have to cross) I headed out to pick up the Penske Truck that will haul our belongings from  Michigan to St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and back to Albany, NY.  VERY exciting to be feeling well enough to know that I can drive the truck ok.  I headed back to my parents house to drop off the car dolly and then to find my Dad and head out to Auburn Hills to pick up the furniture that we purchased last night.  Something tells me that this 16 foot long truck is about to feel really small… Another quick iPhone panorama from inside the cab of yet another truck, this time, taken in a parking lot as my dad walked over… (that’s him on the right)

Day #363

Today was probably made possible by coffee… and orange juice.  It seems that the small little cold that I wasn’t really worried about in Boston turned into a HUGE mess of a cold that sort of killed my day.  Thanks to his and hers cups of hot coffee (for me) and hot tea (for Crys) we still got a few things accomplished…  looking at furniture, sitting on sofas, small amounts of shopping, a few more boxes packed and labelled, but mostly, I was exhausted and needed rest.  We did manage to find our new living room set AND a new bedroom set for our apartment in Albany though.  Headed to pick it all up in the rental truck tomorrow, so tonight I headed to bed early in hopes of feeling better before renting the truck tomorrow.

Day #362

One last cat photo for the last week of 2012… and it’s Gypsy’s first experience in the snow.  We let Gypsy (on her leash) out on the back deck and in the yard of the Moore Resort to experience snow for the first time.  After about 10 minutes of running and one attempt to paw at a tree above her head that ended poorly, she was done and ready to resume her place in front of the fireplace. I know we’re both going to miss her for the few days we’re headed to MI. but I think we’re also excited for a few days back with my parents in Michigan as well… Not so excited about the physical work to be done, but it’s time to pack up and start our move to Albany.

Day #361

“Boxing Day” in Canada… a holiday that I think that big box stores tried to bring to the states as a second Black Friday, and never succeeded…  Crystal and I headed out into what I imagined to be a tame version of Black Friday, and in turn, I was right..  The “door buster deals” all had tickets, and I don’t think I saw a single person running or pushing, or even in a hurry.  It felt civilized.  weird.  Anyways, after some Boxing Day window shopping and lots of sitting on couches and loveseats, we both had enough and headed back to play with “The Gyp Gyp” a bit more while we could.  We decided to head out to Michigan tomorrow, and we planned to leave Gypsy here while we began our move to Albany.  Found the little kitten’s hiding  place, under the Christmas Tree and managed to snap this photo of her there.